Friday, January 6, 2012

Scott Antique Market

It's 6 o'clock on a Thursday morning and I'm sipping chugging coffee and trying to pry my eyes open. It's load in time at the Scott Antique Market in Atlanta where I ply my wares as one of the 2500 dealers who call this market home for 4 days each month.

Trucks of all sizes, trailers, vans, cars with assorted items tied to roof tops like vintage "Beverly Hillbillies" roll in, manuvering around and through a tangle of furniture, boxes, display walls and props - not to mention the assorted humans and their traveling pets.

Early buyers navigate the choas, poking among the stacks and peeping into unloaded trucks and trailers hoping to feret out the perfect find before the crowds ascend.

Dealers frantically work to unload, ditch the truck (trailer, whatever) and set up and style a booth worthy of any showroom floor in record speed.  The pace is frantic and the temperature is either broiling or freezing depending on the season.  In a matter of hours tho,  the transformation in azaming.

This little corner is mine.

I hope you'll make plans to visit.  Stop by for a visit.  I'll buy you a glass of iced tea, or a cup of coffee if you're one of the early ones and we'll chat about a common love of France, antiques and the hunt.


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