Friday, January 20, 2012

Poker Anyone?

You never know what your children will grow up to be.  Sure, they display their strengths and sometimes even their destinies.  But unless its a family business they are headed for, it's a crap shoot.... literally.

My youngest son, Carter, is a professional poker player.  A very good one, in fact.  We always thought he would be a lawyer.  I'm not sure exactly why.  There are no attorneys in the family.  But, somehow it always seemed to suit him.  The good points and the, well, lets just say the "I AM going to win this "debate" sort of kid and I will achieve it using smarts, charisma and belief in my opinion.  Playing poker is a business to him. Not a game.  He understands the odds.

As an antique dealer, the businesses can be eerily similar  You can study and plan and hunt and prepare.  But when it comes down it - when that show opens - will everything you have worked so hard for be the draw?  It happens so fast.  When the ropes drop or the doors open, will the antiques you have so tirelessly and  painstakingly collected  catch their eye?  After all the time, the expense, the effort, have you beaten the odds and bought the treasures they are seeking?


With beating heart and sweating palms ..... you wait. As for the odds, my cards are on the table.


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