Thursday, July 1, 2010

Down a Country Lane

You know how you're driving down a winding country road and coming around the bend, out of nowhere you see this .....

And as you're frantically craning your head over your shoulder to look while trying to find a place to turn around at the same time, dodge the passing fool and avoid running off the road, you spot this behind the hedge ...

And damn the torpedos... full speed ahead. Three point turn, narrow and I did mention BEND, with crazy, passing problem. Not when this awaits. Well actually, the first stop was the Brocante with the great sign, but they gave me the scoop on the truly, breathtaking castle located on the grounds of the Brocante, or should I say, vice versa.

It turns out that this is part of a private castle that is still in the family and privately occupied. Dating back to the Medival Ages, the castle was improved upon in the early 16th century and also at the end of the 16th century when numerous outbuildings were added.  However, this isn't just any castle... it has quite a story. It seems that it was a favorite of artists of the time including Picasso and many others.  They were frequent guests of the owners and would often come to stay and paint.  A few "mementos" of their work were given to the owner as a thank you for their hospitality. While the castle is private, a "look" down the lane reveals exquisite gardens outside these breathtaking buildings and I can only imagine the tales they could tell as I stand there hearing the strains of "la vie en Rose".

Around a country bend, a hidden castle, a brocante, life is good. And did I buy.... mais oui!


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  1. Ah, the lovely surprises we find along life's roads! thanks for sharing!