Friday, June 24, 2011

Container Arrival

I am constantly asked about my shopping forays in France and Belgium.  One of the questions always asked is "How do get your things back?". Do I send them via a shipping service like UPS or FedEx?  How does it work?  Well, I send them back via a container.  A 40 foot container.  It requires hiring packers, brokers, shipping agents, shipping company, trucking company, crews to unload and more.  Cheap, it is not. Easy, it is not.  But, when it arrives ...... like Christmas morning!

Coming 'round the bend!

I live in the South Carolina Low Country right in the center of the "Old Town".  Delivery day requires a fevrent prayer for good weather as there is no warehouse loading dock.  Nope, just a beautiful, sandy dirt street that runs along past my house where the low branches of massive oaks dripping with spanish moss challenge the best.  You try backing a 40 foot container into my "loading dock" area!

It's here, finally!

Bolt cutters are the preferred way to clip the special lock, however I can almost never find mine (who misplaces bolt cutters!!), so its almost always a hack saw to the rescue.

A peek inside and notice the lack of any kind of ramp.  Everything must be unloaded straight from the container down to the ground.  No easy feat when you have awkward pieces weighing hundreds of pounds!

And the doors open!! Let the fun begin!

With a holding area like this, you keep fingers and toes crossed that the weather will be one of those glorious Lowcountry days!

Its all hands on deck, including a little help from my friends!

So, how do you "ship"?



  1. very much the same way, as I import mainly linen, a few pieces of furniture, I share a container- oh the excitement ...with each piece, the memories of the day when and where it was found comes to of course all the admin and packing up on the other side!!
    enjoy! Col Afrique du Sud

  2. Bonjour Lynn,
    Looks like you have a good system. I regularly ship things to the US for my friends, sometimes via container. Since I live in France I have been appointed the official antique hunter!
    ARe they 2 zinc tubs I see, and the carved headboard - great finds!
    Enjoy your Christmas morning!