Tuesday, March 16, 2010

laissez les bon temps roulez

Ah, the life....to be an antique dealer buying in France.  It's the life dreams are made of. Who would not want to go to France for a few weeks, shop til you drop, buy without wondering how you'll get it home, wander wide eyed with joy through endless fields arrayed with treasures?

photo Corey Amaro

I am not alone in my quest for treasures nor my passion for France. Rather I have friends, good friends, who suffer the same passions or obsessions, depending on your view or whether you were previously married to one of us.

photo Corey Amaro

Friends who jump with joy when they hear that revely for the next morning's hunt is 4:00am. Friends who literally drop from sheer exhaustion at the end of a long, successful day of brocanting and ask "what time tomorrow". Friends who catelog and pack  purchases with the enthusiasm of Christmas Eve long after everyone else is sound asleep.

Friends who help you pack. Rare.  Friends who totally understand what it takes to be an antique dealer hunting for treasures in France ......priceless.

photo Corey Amaro



  1. i enjoyed my visit to your blog. i can almost imagine getting up early in the morning to hunt for treasures!

  2. I love the last photo but you are going to pay for the other one of me in my pjs!!!! Beware Ms Lynn :) I can't wait until May....

  3. Hello There, I realize you must be a Round Top now or getting ready to go. I am a fellow traveler in search of treasure.. I have been to England a number of times but have gone with a friend and stayed at his fathers house. I know of what you speak! There is nothing like the early morning rush to the market and the search through the endless stalls. I can hardly shop here anymore as it is such a let down compared to Europe..I have a space in Santa Monica, California and I have been there for 9 successful years..I love what I do, but boy would I love to do South of France. Someday...I am a follower...
    I want to keep up with what you are doing.. Warm Regards, Cynthia Wolff

  4. Hello Lynn
    came here via the Brocantess and love it!Brocantes in France are truly the best but there are a few flea markets in Italy that are always worth visiting.
    I will follow you to discover more!
    Enjoy your Easter !
    xo, Flaviana

  5. How exciting to go brocanting with Corey!!! I am always shopping online at her shop!!!! I came here through the Brocantess's blog, nice to meet you!
    Margaret B

  6. Good Morning Lynn!
    I share your passions and wish you well in all your ventures! Friends who "get you" and share your passions are the best! I will follow along with your blog and look forward to future posts!
    Take care,

  7. Hi I found you through Brocantess and wanted to say that I totally "get you"! I do the same thing just not in France, although I did find my fireplace there 10 years ago and shipped it back.
    It's posted under my chinoiserie fireplace on my blog. Please come visit sometime when you're not in France :)
    Looking forward to following you!

  8. I didn't know you had a blog, Lynn !!!
    Hope to see you soon

  9. Greetings,

    I just found your journal and it is fabulous. Finding and living one's passion is truly a blessing.

    gerre lynne

  10. Bonjour Lynn...can't wait to tag along with you and Corey some day! XO Trish

  11. hello
    Your story is verry nice
    I go follow your site!
    I love to go hunting for treasures!
    I wish you a verry nice evening

  12. Hi! Mother "B" here. I am the Brocantesses mother. Feel like I already know you even though we haven't met yet. The excitement of the Brocants is so great. You never know what you will find. Doesn't look like Brocantess will be getting out soon. I'm lucky I didn't get stuck in Iceland. Take care and am looking forward to meeting you. Jan

  13. Beautiful objects, love the ancient things!